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Eraserheads Reunion Concert | Dubai

Dubai Media City Amphitheatre - Eraserheads

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I have watched one of the legends in Philippine music scene. My first ever concert in Dubai is a full support for my Kabayans! Eraserheads‘ concert was a blast. A massive crowd queuing up at the concert venue last Thursday night. A much awaited music festival of the second big telecom company in UAE – the du World Music Festival was held at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre.

Eraserheads is one of the few influential and phenomenal Filipino alternative band that has been so big in the 90’s. I strongly believe that their songs are always been a part on every Filipino.

“It was one of the rare times that such a massive crowd of Filipinos gathered to watch a concert. Around 12,000 tickets may have been sold, making it one of the biggest in Dubai this year, said one of the sponsors said of the event.” – Gulf News

Eraserheads concert in dubai eraserheads reunion concert in dubai Friends at E-heads concert


Evening Desert Safari | Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari

Almost after two years of living in UAE. I finally get to experience Dubai’s must do activity, the Desert Safari Adventure. With my boss’ generosity, I was awarded two vouchers for an Evening Dessert Safari. Hurray! (being the employee of the month that is). Since it’s my first time, boyfriend presented to come with me even though he has been there three times. Well, that’s sweet!

Similar to our Musandam Tour to Oman, the pick up point was still in Burjuman (Spinneys). It was exactly quarter past four in the afternoon when the van left heading to our destination. We were expecting that a 4×4 will take us as what it normally does however we were escorted in a van. We thought maybe this is a different type of system.

The van finally stopped at the area called Hatta, a road going to Oman. After an hour of journey, we are all gathered out and waited to be picked up again, finally with a 4×4. We felt a bit bothered because the process isn’t properly manage well.

As soon as seated on, we were requested to fasten our seat belt properly and the driver pedaled him self as the 4×4 sped to life. Dune bashing isn’t that bad! I was grinning the whole time while the driver makes his twists and turns and was hoping that we can go further to a higher slope. I thought it was okay, far less scarier than the Formula Rossa one in Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi. I believe when you have tried the most extreme one you no longer appreciate the less thrilling rides.

Moving on, after the not so extreme dune bashing experience we were dropped by a camp area, like a sort of Bedouin camp. There you will see people enjoying camel rides, taking pictures, site seeing and waiting to witness the amazing sunset in the desert.

Arabic Tent

Desert Camp UAE
Bedouin Camp

Grilled Corns

Fresh Coconut Juice

Shisha Desert Safari

National Bird of the UAE - Falcon

I caught one man holding a Falcon, being so nosy he suddenly held it on top my arm and said I can take pictures as much as I want. I was a bit scared thinking the Falcon might be agressive. Of course it was tamed but I can’t stare at it face to face. After the brief picture taking, he then said: “Ten dirhams!” It was a bit shocking. I should have asked first but it was worth it though since I got decent photos with the UAE’s national bird – the Falcon.

We made our way to the higher slope of the desert. My favourite part was holding the sand on my bare hands. It felt so fine and smooth. We had our own way to enjoy ourselves so we made photo experiments (as you can see below).

When the sun finally settled down and the sky got darken we headed inside the camp. We ordered for two fresh coconut assuming it’s free. The guy then said: “Twenty dirhams!”

Lesson learned never assume that it’s free!!!!! We just thought all are included in the package. What a shame.

Inside the camp is where we get to have our dinner and enjoy the little local entertainment. I wasn’t able to take  pictures of our food because they have a problem with their generator so they have to use their 4×4’s headlight to light up the camp.

We had our shisha/hookah and lounge ourselves, relaxing while waiting for the buffet to be ready.

We watched a guy that is performing the traditional Arabic Tanoura Dance. After his presentation he called some guests to participate on the stage to try on the skirt and whirl around the same dance he is doing.

Arabic Tanoura Dance is performed by Sufi men, Darawish. The dance is similar to the Sufi whirling in Levant and Turkey. The men wear long colorful skirts.

The last performance is from a lady doing exotic belly dancing. After that we head out to wait for the 4×4 until we are all settled in a bus going back to the pick up point which is in Burjuman. We arrived at half ten.

That was quite a long day for us. There has been couple of delays and technical problems but at the end of it all we were glad we have gone. It’s one of the firsts for me and have turned out to be a memorable one.

Desert Sand of Dubai

Desert Safari Sunset Dubai Desert Safari UAE Dune Bashing

Male Toilet - so cool

Silhouette Desert Safari Silhouette Sunset in the Desert

Evening Desert Safari

Safari Desert

Kimchikin (Bonchon) The best Korean fast food chain in Dubai

post it - Kimchikin Karama UAE

Kimchikin Bonchon - Dubai

Chicken Soy - Kimchikin Dubai

chicken soy meal - Kimchikin Karama

Kimchi Coleslaw - Kimchikin
k-pop show kimchikin wall posts in Kimchikin Karama

Bonchon - Kimchikin Dubai

Al Shafar Building - Karama Dubai

Hail to Kimchikin! As always Kimchikin never cease to amaze me. The undisputed best fast food chain in Dubai  after boyfriend introduced it and became my number one top list for delivery inspite the fact that I just live 5 minutes away. Lucky me to live in a place surrounded by these oh-so-gloriously-enticing food!

Kimchikin, formerly known as BonChon is a contemporary Korean restaurant serving the best chicken in Dubai. It has been voted as the 2010 Best Take Out Restaurant in the city.

The shop is situated next door from KFC and is beside Bobavoom (beside Park Regis Hotel). It has a Korean colorful touch which I find very cute and adoring. LCD tv is hung on the wall and features K-pop music videos. On the opposite side you will see sticky notes posted on the entire wall written from some of the visitors who came. It makes the place look lively and vibrant.

As opposed to Dubai’s massive unhealthy fast food chain – Kimchikin uses a unique method of cooking by double frying the chicken in a low temperature using trans-fat-free oil. It means enjoying your food without much guilt.

The famous chicken soy is crispy and tender juicy on the inside. There’s this special sauce that will keep you coming back for more. The kimchi coleslaw is a perfect side that goes well with the chicken leaving your mouth with a taste of magic.

For this picture I have ordered a chicken soy meal that includes a side dish, kimchi coleslaw and rice. Total bill isAED 26.00.

I hope to leave you drooling after reading this post 🙂

Free home delivery (only within Dubai)
Landline: +971(4)3977650
Mobile: +971 552662466
Blackberry PIN: 220A6A21

Location: Shop #5-6 Al Shafar Building, 65 Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road, PO Box 124583, Dubai, UAE. (Trade Centre Road opposite Spinneys and Max’s Restaurant)

Week 2 – Falcon | National Bird of the UAE

desert safari dubai falcon

Falcon is the national bird of UAE and is a symbol of force and courage, recognizing the importance of falconry in Arab tradition and culture. The falcon species has always been regarded as a very uncommon and shy bird, and it is very rarely met with by amateur birdwatchers (Ali 1968). Arabs constitute 1/3rd part of the world’s falconers. Falcons are fast flying hunters suited for taking prey in the air. In this pesticide era they are facing serious ecological risks, as their position is at the top of the biological pyramids.

Falcons are strong, fast fliers with great aerial agility. They seldom soar in the manner of hawks. The peregrine has been clocked at 290 km/h (180 mph) in a stoop, or dive. This speed and agility make falcons successful hunters of birds, reptiles, and small mammals. A number of species, however, are insectivorous or eaters of carrion. Although falcons strike or grasp their prey with their sharp claws, they generally kill the captured prey with their beaks. The short-winged hawks kill with their claws.


Dubai’s Organic Gourmet Cafe – The Lime Tree Cafe and Kitchen

the lime tree kitchen in dubai

Hopping for coffee shop is our main purpose for travelling from Karama to the secluded area of Al Quoz. We’ve been looking forward for this exploration months ago until we finally hit it. Indeed, we’ve been very eager to try this famous environmentally conscious café  just very close from the Art galleries – exactly next to the Courtyard Gallery.

The place is called The Lime Tree Cafe. It is a Kiwi-owned cafe serving healthy fresh food and homemade cakes.

The location is quite interior so I advise to either drive a car or take a taxi since it would take you approximately 30 minutes or more to get to the nearest metro just by walking.

The shop is pretty big and so inviting. It has industrial concept combined with homely accent. You can instantly tell that it is an organic shop just by looking at the interiors and design.

I just love the charming atmosphere. It is like a haven for people who are looking for a relaxing quiet time to chill out while reading their complimentary magazines and newspapers.

They have an array display of their retail products such as homemade delicacies: relishes & chutneys, various crackers, biscotti,  dipping sticks and muesli which are adorably packed.

The food are displayed in a refrigerator and the order is paid by the counter. They offer breakfast and serves fresh daily menu.

Here’s what we order:

  • Key Lime Cake

A double layered lime cake filled & iced with a lime zested cream cheese frosting & coated with shards of coconut

  • Mushroom, Beef Bacon & Cream Cheese Club Sandwich


  • Blended Mocha Coffee
  • Americano

Such a welcoming environment and I consider it as one of my favourite cafe in Dubai! Even though Pinay Flying High doesn’t seem to fancy it. Haha  Looking forward on visiting the rest of their branches.

Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen in Al Quoz
Al Quoz 1 – 4B Street, next to the Courtyard Gallery
Open daily from 8am to 6pm

organic cafe dubai

the lime tree kitchen

al quoz branch lime tree cafe

mushroom Club Sandwich - The lime tree

Key Lime Cake - The Lime Tree cafe

complimentary magazine - The lime tree

outside dining area - The lime tree

Refreshing Pearl Milk Tea in Chatime Karama

chatime pearl milk tea in dubai

Have you heard about pearl milk tea, bubble tea or boba milk tea in Dubai? Of course you have! They are the fastest growing tea-based drink that provides healthy beverages in the past few years. It originates from Taiwan and its popularity has  spread throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

Chatime is one of the leading companies that is starting to appear in Dubai. Chatime has a unique concept that makes tea so much healthier and can be used as an alternative to coffee.

This has been one of my favourite healthy refreshments since their store opened in Karama. A small shop just beside Subway, across from Pizza Hut. Their shop have a nice velvety accent and a cozy seating area.

My personal favourite is their Pearl Milk Tea. I have become addicted to it ever since I’ve tried it. Infact, I haven’t tried any thing else on their menu yet!  However
I’m looking forward to sampling their pudding milk tea.

Pearls, is the term used for the chewy balls made of tapioca starch that makes the drink so special and unique. The pearls are dark, smooth and have a delightful flavour in each bite and the milk tea is so deliciously good with the perfect combination of tea and milk used.

They give you a promotional card on your first order and stamp the card on every next purchase until the boxes are filled – you will then get a free  drink. Amazing isn’t it?

It is actually a bit costly for a cup but that won’t stop me. It’s my way of rewarding my self for a long stressful week. Just a perfect idea to grab one -sipping while strolling around Karama.

I’m already looking forward to my next hit: “30 % sugar and less ice puhlease!”

chatime bubble tea in karama

chatime karama dubai

A taste of IHOP pancakes in Mall of the Emirates

Breakfast Sampler IHOP

ihop unlimited coffee

orginal french toast

Pancakes and an unlimited coffee for breakfast- sounds lovely is’nt it? so to Mall of the Emirates we go. We agreed on spending our lazy Saturday morning breakfast at the restaurant.

IHOP, known as The International House of Pancakes, is an American based restaurant chain that specialises in breakfast foods. It’s best known for its signature pancakes, omelettes and other breakfast specialties and are also offering a menu of lunch and dinner items.

IHOP restaurant looks like the typical american diner. The staff are nice and accommodating. We arrive early noon but the place was already full packed. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for our order to arrive which is a good start.

Here’s what we order:

  • Breakfast Sampler

two eggs, bacon strips, beef ham, veal sausage links, and golden hash browns and buttermilk pancakes

  • Original french toast

six fluffy triangle-shaped slices topped with whipped butter and powdered sugar

  • and an unlimited coffee pot

I can say it really is an American chain knowing their common trademark of having food mixed with sweet and savoury taste.

The buttermilk pancakes were soft and fluffy just like their french toast. I like the french toast more. They have varieties of fruit-flavoured syrup but I seemed to like none of them. It has a weird taste which I find it not a good combination for the pancakes. I’d rather stick to the original one. It’s a good way that they are serving unlimited coffee as it is not common in Dubai – we really enjoyed it. We suddenly thought that it’s a very good idea that cafe’s in Dubai should start serving unlimited coffee. That’ll be awesome.

For the feedback, we find it quite a bit pricey for the portion. The sausages were too tiny while hash brown is dominating the whole meal.

It’s not a good impression for a first comer like us but we are still considering on going back in the future or maybe try the rest of their menu. Well, to sum it all, it was fun and a good try out.

Location: Mall of the Emirates, Barsha, Dubai
Tel: 04 385 0891
Travel: Sheikh Zayed Road
Times: Open daily 8am-midnight

A Passion for Photography in Dubai

dubai marina

Taking photos in everyday life is one of my biggest creative passions. My interest in pictures began ever since my memory can recall. Even before popular modern image techniques such as Instagram were invented I have been a photo lover.

I am fascinated with the vintage style and the grainy effect from photos that are processed using a film. I enjoy the nostalgia of looking at old pictures of my family back home, which we store in an ancient black suitcase which brings back so many memories.
Living in today’s world gives us real convenience in capturing the most memorable moments of our lives, that’s what make us so lucky compared to those before. I am thankful that modern technology allows us to take and upload a beautiful picture, edit it in Instagram and upload it to the internet using just a mobile phone. Before I use my computer in uploading photos for my friends in the Philippines to see. Whether they agree if it is beautiful or not it doesn’t matter as long as I have shared my small creative piece.

It is truly incredible having a small device at our fingertips that allows us to capture moments instantly with a simple reach into our pockets, just an aim and a click. It’s a great way to capture everyday life because it’s always with you.

I am also inspired by the ideas and examples we can find of other people online. Example, there is one man who took a picture of his face every day for a year and posted a video showing all the shots together. Many people have started doing this also and it is a different way to look at life. However, there are also pitfalls – people rarely print out their photos now, instead they chose to store their photos on Social Networking websites and blogs.

Before I came to Dubai I spent most of the time working on my blog showcasing different attractions and tours around my hometown, Cebu. I considered it a passion and it really felt good knowing that you are helping out tourists discovering the place I grew up in. Unfortunately, a friend who I was paying to run my website failed to pay the hosting fees and my site was blocked. Too bad!

Moving to Dubai has given me so many opportunities to take great photos – from food, to skyscrapers and so much more. When I am not working, I like to treat my spare time as a vacation – making the most of my time here so when I return home I will have plenty to look back on. Whether it’s a scrumptious meal in an Italian restaurant, having my favourite Indian food which is Dosa, dipping in all the beautiful beaches around the country, a trip to the tallest towers or a visit to ancient places found in UAE. Maybe in 20 years time I can use a beautiful shot of Dubai Creek to teach my grandchildren the value of framing a beautiful picture and making it as a collection.

Mostly I will take photos using my mobile phone and the Instagram app because it’s fun and I am very thankful for its convenience. My trusty old Canon D1000 is the choice for long rides and get-aways.

There are countless expressions and moments each day in your life that you might not remember if you don’t capture them. Who knows, just a random snapshot will turn out to be one of your most cherished memories and sometimes the smallest things can mean so much more later on. Life is too short to miss the perfect moments in your life and technology has gone too far so there are no excuses, so grab your camera phone and start capturing some of the unique things around you!

“A Picture of many colors proclaims images of many thoughts” – Donna A Favors

creek bur dubai jbr jumeirah beach park mall of the emirates media city the creek bur dubai the souq winter in dubai winter in media city