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Sharetea | Milk Tea in Burjuman

Milk tea - Sharetea

Milk teas are now getting popular in Dubai. No wonder there are so many establishments popping up everywhere. From big and small malls they seemed to catch everyone’s attention.

I’ve known Sharetea long before, I get to walk past Deira City Center metro station but have never had the chance to try until now that they opened their new outlet at Burjuman Station. The same exit to Burjuman mall – Exit 3. It’s quite a big place for a milk tea shop which they provide seating area on its second floor.

QQ Happy Family Milk Black Tea - Sharetea

I have noticed some searchers are wondering if Milk tea is good or bad for you. Doing some research I found out that Milk tea has two of the most healthiest compounds calcium and antioxidants. Tea is very healthy to drink and drinking it with milk in would boost calcium intake. On the other hand, Tapioca is known better for its nutritional benefits than as a sweet treat. It serves as a good source of iron.

I have ordered to what they call as QQ Happy Family Milk Black Tea for 18 dirhams which the staff recommended as their best seller. It is an all in one mix of red beans, pearls pudding and lychee de coco. With my entertainment voucher I was able to get another one free. Similar to Chatime which I did my first post about Milk Teas – they will also ask you how you would like its sweetness.  So I requested the same percentage – 30% sugar.

It was a nice experience to try different variety of Milk teas but to me personally I would prefer my milk tea to be the original one. Just plain Milk tea and tapioca (pearls) will work very well.

Sharetea Beverage Dubai Sharetea in Burjuman

Midnight Cafe | Karama

CLG Chicken Looks Good
This is my favourite – the CLG. It comes with 2 pcs of chicken, fries (chips), coleslaw and a small bread for 20 dirhams.

I have been looking forward for this post since the day my teeth sink in to that freaking CLG thing! Btw, CLG stands for Chicken looks good. Not only that it looks good but it tastes divine. It’s a deep fried chicken breast stuffed with cheese, mushroom and salami.

We found out about Midnight Cafe through reading good reviews from Zomato. We use to walk past a small and very old looking cafe and would never thought that one day we will be blown away by their food. That is why you should never judge the book by it’s cover!

Tact along in a busy street of Karama across Al Attar is a small shop occupied less than 10 staff . They have no dining area so people coming in will have no choice but to order for take away and others will call for delivery.

I can’t get enough of this cafe in fact I have recommended it to my colleagues and they absolutely love it!

They deliver quicker than expected and the food is still warm.  Midnight Cafe remains undisputed for my favourite food chain in Karama ! Try it for yourself. 


Midnight Cafe in Karama

Midnight Cafe - a little cafe with a lot

Haji Ali Juice Center | Karama

Grilled Mushroom Sandwich

Another found gem in the heart of Karama – Haji Ali Juice Center, one of the oldest and famous vegetarian joint in Mumbai.

An Indian friend highly recommended it to us and thought of giving it a try and we were glad to have made the decision.

At first, I thought they only serve juices by hearing it’s name – Haji Ali Juice Center. Well, what is business without choices? That’ll be dull.

Anyway, aside from their best selling fresh juices they also served healthy options of pure vegetable grilled sandwiches, rolls, and pizzas. For drinks they have  milk shakes and falooda.

We ordered for a Mushroom Mozarella Grill that costs 15 dirhams, one portion of fries for 10 dirhams and fresh Pomegranate juice for 17 dirhams . I’m a big fan of grilled sandwiches and mozzarella so no wonder I have been hooked up with this new found eats. They are as well very convenient since they are open for take away and delivery.

Haji Ali Juice Center is located in the same side as Bombay Chowpatty and at the back side of Park Regis Hotel. You can check their menu here.

Grilled Sandwich

Haji Ali Juice Center Karama

Agemono Japanese-Filipino Restaurant | Dubai

One of our favourite Japanese restaurant is Agemono which is located at Al Attar Shopping Mall in Karama. It is an asian cuisine restaurant serving varieties of Japanese-Filipino dishes.

Aside from individual menu they also offer buffet where you can enjoy eat-all-you-can at a good value. A stir-fry section is the best part where you can choose your own ingredients and someone will cook it for you. They serve maki, stir-fry noodles, tempura, Filipino dish favourites and of course the famous sushi. Here’s their menu from Zomato.

Below is a Chefs Bento that costs 52 dirhams with:

  • grilled hammour fillet
  • miso soup
  • crispy tuna roll 4 pcs
  • tuna sashimi 3 pcs
  • salmon sash 3 pcs
  • prawn temp 2 pcs
  • japanese steamed rice

Chefs Bento Agemono

Oh and don’t forget their bottomless iced tea – reminds me of home. It perfectly compliments their scrumptious food.

I noticed some Filipinos flocked to the place as if giving themselves a treat after a hard days work.

The restaurant is full packed especially weekends and some will be on queue because the shop can’t accommodate more than 30 persons. Hopefully they will think of expanding the area soon for customers better experience. I saw some photos hanging on the wall of Filipino actors and actresses who visited the shop makes me think that they have done quite very well on their job – it means business is good.

We were given a complimentary dessert from our last visit. I say they really know how to value customers. Kudos to Agemono!

Agemono Karama

Their branches are in Al Quoz, Satwa, Al Karama and International City. Here’s the complete address of the four branches.

Mini Paradise in Mina A’Salam | Madinat Jumeirah

amazing hotel in dubai - mina salam

I feel so lucky every time I go to the beach the weather seems to cooperate giving me just the perfect touch of the sun. Normally in this time of year in Dubai the heat would be unbearable. To my surprise it was the opposite.

We went to Madinat Jumeirah last Saturday noon. Mina A’Salam was our first choice after seeing good reviews and nice photos on the internet. We took a taxi from Mirdif to Jumeirah that took 40 minutes. Take note that there are other hotels and residential villas such as Al Qasr and Dar Al Masyaf which are also under Madinat Jumeirah.

madinat hotel dubai

entrance of mina salam

We were approached by lovely attendants from the lobby. Since we just want to use their amenities such as the swimming pool and the beach we were advise to pay for a ‘day pass‘ that costs 250 dirhams each (towels included but without food and drinks). Yes it’s quite costly but it’s worth paying for an exemplary service if you feel having a private and relaxing place to unwind.

The place was magical. It’s like seeing the movie Aladdin in real life with it’s Arabic setting. I would absolutely count this visit as one of the best time I had experience in Dubai.

lovely ambiance hotel

This is the lounge area where they also serve food.

mina salam hotel lounge

madinat jumeirah uae

souq madinat

dubai madinat jumeirah

relaxing hotel in dubai

beach dubai best beach hotel in dubai

mina salam hotel

hotel at madinat jumeirah

Food was amazing costs around 70 dirhams – glad we got entertainer vouchers in hand!

burgers fries meal dubai summer beach

mina salam beach

Perfect view of Burj Al Arab from Mina A’Salam Beach

mina salam madinat

We got so excited when we saw the beach.

mina salam nice cottages in dubai sunbathe at madinat jumeirah

The wave’s so strong crashing and pulling us heavily. Had me knock down many times but it was the most fun part.

madinat jumeirah beach

sunbathing at madinat

Well I have nothing more to describe about how wonderful this place is. Let the photos speak for themselves and you’ll be the judge. x

PS. Thanks Lisa for the treat!