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Sharetea | Milk Tea in Burjuman

Milk tea - Sharetea

Milk teas are now getting popular in Dubai. No wonder there are so many establishments popping up everywhere. From big and small malls they seemed to catch everyone’s attention.

I’ve known Sharetea long before, I get to walk past Deira City Center metro station but have never had the chance to try until now that they opened their new outlet at Burjuman Station. The same exit to Burjuman mall – Exit 3. It’s quite a big place for a milk tea shop which they provide seating area on its second floor.

QQ Happy Family Milk Black Tea - Sharetea

I have noticed some searchers are wondering if Milk tea is good or bad for you. Doing some research I found out that Milk tea has two of the most healthiest compounds calcium and antioxidants. Tea is very healthy to drink and drinking it with milk in would boost calcium intake. On the other hand, Tapioca is known better for its nutritional benefits than as a sweet treat. It serves as a good source of iron.

I have ordered to what they call as QQ Happy Family Milk Black Tea for 18 dirhams which the staff recommended as their best seller. It is an all in one mix of red beans, pearls pudding and lychee de coco. With my entertainment voucher I was able to get another one free. Similar to Chatime which I did my first post about Milk Teas – they will also ask you how you would like its sweetness.  So I requested the same percentage – 30% sugar.

It was a nice experience to try different variety of Milk teas but to me personally I would prefer my milk tea to be the original one. Just plain Milk tea and tapioca (pearls) will work very well.

Sharetea Beverage Dubai Sharetea in Burjuman

Refreshing Pearl Milk Tea in Chatime Karama

chatime pearl milk tea in dubai

Have you heard about pearl milk tea, bubble tea or boba milk tea in Dubai? Of course you have! They are the fastest growing tea-based drink that provides healthy beverages in the past few years. It originates from Taiwan and its popularity has  spread throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

Chatime is one of the leading companies that is starting to appear in Dubai. Chatime has a unique concept that makes tea so much healthier and can be used as an alternative to coffee.

This has been one of my favourite healthy refreshments since their store opened in Karama. A small shop just beside Subway, across from Pizza Hut. Their shop have a nice velvety accent and a cozy seating area.

My personal favourite is their Pearl Milk Tea. I have become addicted to it ever since I’ve tried it. Infact, I haven’t tried any thing else on their menu yet!  However
I’m looking forward to sampling their pudding milk tea.

Pearls, is the term used for the chewy balls made of tapioca starch that makes the drink so special and unique. The pearls are dark, smooth and have a delightful flavour in each bite and the milk tea is so deliciously good with the perfect combination of tea and milk used.

They give you a promotional card on your first order and stamp the card on every next purchase until the boxes are filled – you will then get a free  drink. Amazing isn’t it?

It is actually a bit costly for a cup but that won’t stop me. It’s my way of rewarding my self for a long stressful week. Just a perfect idea to grab one -sipping while strolling around Karama.

I’m already looking forward to my next hit: “30 % sugar and less ice puhlease!”

chatime bubble tea in karama

chatime karama dubai