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Yalla Momos in Karama

Fried Momos

After blogging so much about shops in Karama you probably are convinced that this place is a haven for foodies. So here’s a another treat for all the Dubaian’s out there.

Let me share to you this very cute Al fresco dining place of Yalla Momos. We have been a happy customer since they have opened ages ago and felt bad to do a review this late.

From the time they opened until they have renovated the place people can’t just get enough of their delicious momos!

Momo is a famous street food in Nepal and is widespread throughout India.  It’s similar to Chinese dumpling that has varieties of filling. You can get vegetable, cheese, chicken, beef, and mushroom momos.

I would like to thank Abby and Jai for their lovely treat. It’s their first time to try momos and they really enjoyed it! Abby actually have craving for it now.

There should always be Way-way noodles (careful it’s very spicy) on our order which is a perfect combination with Momos.

Click here to see their MENU.

Yalla Momos is located opposite Bikarnevala (4B Street) behind Park Regis Hotel.

yalla momos

Yalla Momos in Karama Wayway Noodles
buff momos Chicken Momos
Shrimp Momos Street food momos



FarEast Seafood Market | Regent Palace Hotel

teppanyaki at FarEast Seafood

What does Teppanyaki means?

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan, which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled, broiled, or pan-fried.

We are so glad to have visted one of Karama’s hidden gem, the FarEast Seafood Market. After reading good reviews from Tripadvisor and Zomato we decided to give it a go.

The setting of the restaurant is a bit similar to Shogun Restaurant in Deira.

One thing that impresses me is the glass floor made of water tank with live fish inside. That’s why it’s a bit darker when you get in so to make the aquarium more noticeable. Pretty cool huh?

As we settled to our chair, our lovely chef named, Julius greeted us.

He then starts to prepare our first dish. Our appetizer is a stir-fry vegetables with fish and shrimp and trust me the smell is so delicious I started getting full just by smelling it.

We had so much fun watching chef Julius as he showcases his talent and at the same time I am mentally taking note of the ingredients he used. Perhaps I could apply it in my future cooking.

After the appetizer, we ordered for a bowl of fried rice and chiken then followed by grilled beef.

I am not a fan of medium rare beef but I love the way he cooked it. The meat is so tender and soft with the soy and the rest of the ingredients absorbed perfectly.
For 80 dirhams you will enjoy an all-you-can-eat deal with:

  • Soups (Tom Yam soup / CHinese chicken sweet and sour)
  • Drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • Appetizer
  • Main Course
  • Dessert mixed fruit platter

I know we are suppose to be eating seafod menu as what the restaurant implies but it has been a good choice to try Teppanyaki as their other option. I can say that this is the best Teppanyaki I have tried.

I promise chef Julius that we will come back and will blog about it. He was genuinely pleased and happy.


Regent Palace Hotel, Mezzanine Level
Opposite Burjuman, Al Karama, Dubai
04 3963888

FarEast Seafood Market

Buffet in Regent Karama

Asian Restaurant

Regent Palace Hotel

Seafood Market in Karama

stir-fry vegetables

tom yum soup

chicken sweet and sour soup

chicken teppanyaki
fried rice
medium rare beef teppanyaki mix fruit platter

teppanyaki cooking

live cooking teppanyaki

Betawi | Authentic Indonesian Restaurant | Karama

Nasi Goren Betawi Karama Dubai
Located along the famous food strip of 4b Street in Karama is Betawi Restaurant (beside Pampanggas Binalot and Yalla Momos) known for serving authentic Indonesian food.

Betawi has been nominated as Best South-East & Pan Asian and Best Budget Restaurant Awards 2013 by TimeOut Dubai.

It started its business on 2007 and have gained praises from asian food-lovers and top notch chefs around Dubai. In such a short period of time they have expanded and just recently opened their second outlet (Betawi Express) located at Emirates Tower Metro Station.

The restaurant in Karama is small and basic but gets crowded most of the time. It has a touch of ethnic tropical style. The staff are very nice and all are Indonesians that I sometimes mistakenly thought as kabayans. 

I ordered Nasi Goreng (Indonesians national dish) it is a fried rice topped with egg and mixed with various ingredients such as sweet soy sauce, shallot, garlic, tamarind, chilli, chicken and prawns. It has some crackers on the side and vegetables. For just 25 dirhams you will get full before you can finish the whole portion. 

Below is a Soto Betawi, Indonesian’s traditional soup that consists of broth, meat and vegetables.

Soto Betawi - Dubai

Eating at Betawi makes me feel closer to home as Indonesians shares common taste buds with FIlipinos.

Location: Karama, Dubai
Tel: 056 759 8118
Travel: 4B Street, behind the Ministry of Health
Times: Open Sat-Wed noon-10pm; Fri 2pm-10pm

Things You Need To Know About Dubai

Marina Yacht Dubai

Ever since I  started this blog I have been gradually posting my experiences all around UAE (mostly in Dubai) from travel to food and all those random bits that I have encountered. My main purpose is to document my experience on a specific place and share a bit of knowledge for everyone who’s been in Dubai for so long but aren’t aware that such place ever existed or for some who just came on board.

As an expat living for almost two years I have grown to love the emirate more and more. The fact that Dubai, as a cosmopolitan city where people are rushing to and fro work and home is just a common routine. Apart from the hustle-bustle life there are countless of wonderful things that will make your stay a memorable one. 

Karama Burjuman Dubai

I live in a place where I consider it as the heart of the city , called Karama. A place where you can find cheap eats and a good place to shop for those who are on a budget. Asians are the majority of people residing particulary, Filipinos and Indians. Filipinos are abundant in this place because most accommodations are cheaper and is very convenient. It is close to the metro train, restaurants, beauty parlors, hospitals, malls, bars etc. No wonder my posts are all about the food circling Karama.

Five minutes walk will take you to a variety of restaurants such as Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and of course Filipino. I feel like I haven’t left Philippines at all. Grocery shops like West Zone offers so many Filipino products. You can find Yakult, Yakisoba, Chicken Chicharon and etc.

I dreaded summer and because of that I am forced to call for delivery. Thankful for the convenience of the shops that offers free delivery.

It is also famous for tourists who are up to fake designer stuff. You’ll be surprised with the quality of handbags like Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry. You are more likely to be ripped off in this place if you are a westerner so better bring with you an asian friend to help you haggle with them.

streets of karama

There’s also this part of Dubai which is called Dubai Marina, it consists of high-end skyscrapers and is known for the home of western expats. It’s one of the must see places but food are often costly. The place is close to the famous Palm Jumeirah (man-made island). In this area you will  find sky diving and all the luxurious things you can’t even think of. It’s more like touristy side of Dubai. I love the place but I can’t trade it for where I am staying now.

Dubai Marina Boat

Midnight Cafe | Karama

CLG Chicken Looks Good
This is my favourite – the CLG. It comes with 2 pcs of chicken, fries (chips), coleslaw and a small bread for 20 dirhams.

I have been looking forward for this post since the day my teeth sink in to that freaking CLG thing! Btw, CLG stands for Chicken looks good. Not only that it looks good but it tastes divine. It’s a deep fried chicken breast stuffed with cheese, mushroom and salami.

We found out about Midnight Cafe through reading good reviews from Zomato. We use to walk past a small and very old looking cafe and would never thought that one day we will be blown away by their food. That is why you should never judge the book by it’s cover!

Tact along in a busy street of Karama across Al Attar is a small shop occupied less than 10 staff . They have no dining area so people coming in will have no choice but to order for take away and others will call for delivery.

I can’t get enough of this cafe in fact I have recommended it to my colleagues and they absolutely love it!

They deliver quicker than expected and the food is still warm.  Midnight Cafe remains undisputed for my favourite food chain in Karama ! Try it for yourself. 


Midnight Cafe in Karama

Midnight Cafe - a little cafe with a lot

Haji Ali Juice Center | Karama

Grilled Mushroom Sandwich

Another found gem in the heart of Karama – Haji Ali Juice Center, one of the oldest and famous vegetarian joint in Mumbai.

An Indian friend highly recommended it to us and thought of giving it a try and we were glad to have made the decision.

At first, I thought they only serve juices by hearing it’s name – Haji Ali Juice Center. Well, what is business without choices? That’ll be dull.

Anyway, aside from their best selling fresh juices they also served healthy options of pure vegetable grilled sandwiches, rolls, and pizzas. For drinks they have  milk shakes and falooda.

We ordered for a Mushroom Mozarella Grill that costs 15 dirhams, one portion of fries for 10 dirhams and fresh Pomegranate juice for 17 dirhams . I’m a big fan of grilled sandwiches and mozzarella so no wonder I have been hooked up with this new found eats. They are as well very convenient since they are open for take away and delivery.

Haji Ali Juice Center is located in the same side as Bombay Chowpatty and at the back side of Park Regis Hotel. You can check their menu here.

Grilled Sandwich

Haji Ali Juice Center Karama

Agemono Japanese-Filipino Restaurant | Dubai

One of our favourite Japanese restaurant is Agemono which is located at Al Attar Shopping Mall in Karama. It is an asian cuisine restaurant serving varieties of Japanese-Filipino dishes.

Aside from individual menu they also offer buffet where you can enjoy eat-all-you-can at a good value. A stir-fry section is the best part where you can choose your own ingredients and someone will cook it for you. They serve maki, stir-fry noodles, tempura, Filipino dish favourites and of course the famous sushi. Here’s their menu from Zomato.

Below is a Chefs Bento that costs 52 dirhams with:

  • grilled hammour fillet
  • miso soup
  • crispy tuna roll 4 pcs
  • tuna sashimi 3 pcs
  • salmon sash 3 pcs
  • prawn temp 2 pcs
  • japanese steamed rice

Chefs Bento Agemono

Oh and don’t forget their bottomless iced tea – reminds me of home. It perfectly compliments their scrumptious food.

I noticed some Filipinos flocked to the place as if giving themselves a treat after a hard days work.

The restaurant is full packed especially weekends and some will be on queue because the shop can’t accommodate more than 30 persons. Hopefully they will think of expanding the area soon for customers better experience. I saw some photos hanging on the wall of Filipino actors and actresses who visited the shop makes me think that they have done quite very well on their job – it means business is good.

We were given a complimentary dessert from our last visit. I say they really know how to value customers. Kudos to Agemono!

Agemono Karama

Their branches are in Al Quoz, Satwa, Al Karama and International City. Here’s the complete address of the four branches.

Wok It | All about Chinese, Indonesian and Thai cuisine

Our first try at Wok It made a favourable impression so we made a come back to try the rest of their menu. A spicy savoury aroma has filled the entire restaurant. We were accompanied by a lovely staff to be seated on their comfortable chairs.

Wok It Restaurant

Even if the place is full packed our orders arrived quicker than expected. That day was a Thursday so you get to see people everywhere mostly eating out.

The modern theme of the restaurant gives a pleasant touch and stands out compared to the other restaurants on the same side of the street. They have a huge area that can house less than 40 guests. It is located beside Pizza Hut in Karama and across Centrepoint.

Wok it Dining Area

We ordered Garlic Crackers as for our starter that costs 10 dirhams and we were given a dip sauce which is killer spicy but so nice.

Garlic Crackers

Killer Spicy Sauce

I suddenly thought about Wok Inn, a similiar asian restaurant not too far from this place – that I have been longing to blog about. Once you are seated they will serve you an ample amount of crackers for FREE! Unfortunately without any clue why – has been shut down for business. We got devastated knowing about it. Well I hope Wok It will provide complimentary crackers also!

Moving on, finally we got the rest of the orders. Bakso Meat Ball Soup tasted like one of the Filipino dish we called ‘Nilaga‘. I really enjoyed it just the perfect combination for rice and Lamb Curry. The lamb is very lean and the curry sauce is mixed very well with it – it’s super spicy but you can request for milder one.

Bakso Meat Ball Soup

Lamb Curry

noodles of wok it dubai

beef teriyaki - Wok it restaurant

There’s just too much to blog around Karama and I won’t get tired, not even close to exploring it all yet.

Check out Jasmine’s (Pear Tree Diaries) complete review of Wok it here.