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Agemono Japanese-Filipino Restaurant | Dubai

One of our favourite Japanese restaurant is Agemono which is located at Al Attar Shopping Mall in Karama. It is an asian cuisine restaurant serving varieties of Japanese-Filipino dishes.

Aside from individual menu they also offer buffet where you can enjoy eat-all-you-can at a good value. A stir-fry section is the best part where you can choose your own ingredients and someone will cook it for you. They serve maki, stir-fry noodles, tempura, Filipino dish favourites and of course the famous sushi. Here’s their menu from Zomato.

Below is a Chefs Bento that costs 52 dirhams with:

  • grilled hammour fillet
  • miso soup
  • crispy tuna roll 4 pcs
  • tuna sashimi 3 pcs
  • salmon sash 3 pcs
  • prawn temp 2 pcs
  • japanese steamed rice

Chefs Bento Agemono

Oh and don’t forget their bottomless iced tea – reminds me of home. It perfectly compliments their scrumptious food.

I noticed some Filipinos flocked to the place as if giving themselves a treat after a hard days work.

The restaurant is full packed especially weekends and some will be on queue because the shop can’t accommodate more than 30 persons. Hopefully they will think of expanding the area soon for customers better experience. I saw some photos hanging on the wall of Filipino actors and actresses who visited the shop makes me think that they have done quite very well on their job – it means business is good.

We were given a complimentary dessert from our last visit. I say they really know how to value customers. Kudos to Agemono!

Agemono Karama

Their branches are in Al Quoz, Satwa, Al Karama and International City. Here’s the complete address of the four branches.

Eraserheads Reunion Concert | Dubai

Dubai Media City Amphitheatre - Eraserheads

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I have watched one of the legends in Philippine music scene. My first ever concert in Dubai is a full support for my Kabayans! Eraserheads‘ concert was a blast. A massive crowd queuing up at the concert venue last Thursday night. A much awaited music festival of the second big telecom company in UAE – the du World Music Festival was held at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre.

Eraserheads is one of the few influential and phenomenal Filipino alternative band that has been so big in the 90’s. I strongly believe that their songs are always been a part on every Filipino.

“It was one of the rare times that such a massive crowd of Filipinos gathered to watch a concert. Around 12,000 tickets may have been sold, making it one of the biggest in Dubai this year, said one of the sponsors said of the event.” – Gulf News

Eraserheads concert in dubai eraserheads reunion concert in dubai Friends at E-heads concert


Dhow Cruise in Musandam Oman

dhow cruise in musandam

Yesterday was the perfect time to escape from the busy, crowded city of Dubai. Finally, we are able to book our pending voucher of last years Cobone deal. Due to bad weather and tide they have to cancel the trip on that day.

It was half seven in the morning when we arrived at Spinney’s near Burjuman where the pick up point was set. I’m delighted to see that the bus we took is full of different nationalities. I can probably tell some are Chinese, Polish, Arabs, some westerners, of course Scottish and Filipino. It made me think how lucky I am to live and be exposed with different cultures.

Just a short wait until the other passengers/guests arrived and then we started our long drive to Oman. Roughly, an hour and half later we stopped at the border. Omani Officers got inside our bus and inspect our passports one by one, carefully eyeing us holding our passport.

Less than half an hour we stopped at the pier and walk towards the boat. We settled on the top and find a very comfortable area to relax. There are cusions on each side and beach recliners on the opposite side.

Fruits are served on the table, coffee, and tea are for free. I burnt my tongue as I sipped carelessly on the coffee – that’s how I welcomed the trip.

We sailed along the beautiful straits of Hormuz. Stunning scenery feasts my eyes as mountains greeted us on our way. The weather is cooperating as we head to Musandam.

One of the staff on the boat gave us options; to swim or snorkeling. We didn’t enjoy much when we head for shallow water. We find the sand too slimy and we need to walk further down for deeper water. So we ended up, going back to the boat and swim beside it.

The water is absolutely amazing. At first, it was too chilly for me but thanks to the sun’s heat it made it just the right temperature.

Had so much fun even for a short time of swimming. We were amused by some bunch of guys who were diving from the top of the boat. One guy attempted to jump but was so scared that it took him so long until he decided to make his move.

I felt a bit nausea after our lunch so I decided to have a nap and missed the experience riding a banana boat.

After the banana boat ride we sailed somewhere on an open ocean to where we can do fishing. We tried their hand at hand line fishing and waited for minutes… finally we surrendered. I guess it takes a lot of patience for this hard job.

Around half five, we gathered in the van to head back to Dubai. It was such a great experience despite the long travel. Total duration of the trip is eleven hours (from the start to finish). It’s such a convenience for us since pick up and drop off is arranged.
The tour includes:

  • unlimited soft drinks
  • buffet lunch
  • snorkelling
  • fishing
  • banana boat ride
  • pick up and drop off
  • Since you are entering a different country it is required to bring with you your original passport to cross the borderand should book a reservation 48 hours earlier

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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donkey in musandamomanswimming in omanbanana boat ride in oman

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