Bucket List

Everyday is a gift. For every minute passed you get older than you were a minute before. It’s a bit depressing however it makes you realise that you have been given the opportunity to change the course of your life. Accomplishing something you really love before the ground swallows you whole. Now that’s scary!

I believe each and everyone of us has a goal but some are just too scared to take the risk or perhaps they are just incapable of. Yes! we only live once but try not to live foolishly – that’s my motto.

Life has taught me that the more realistic and clearer your goal is the more likely you will achieve it. So with this so-called-mantra that I have perceived I made a list of all the things I wanted to do (even if some are insanely impossible to reach) before I became a walker.

In random order:

  • Sky diving in Dubai
  • Ride the fastest roller coaster in the world – Formula Rossa at Ferrari World for 149 mph (240 km/h)
  • Sipping drinks while watching the spectacular view of Santorini Greece
  • Visit most of the countries in Europe by train
  • Filming using Gopro while surfing  at Siargao Philippines
  • Uncover the Secret beach of Palawan Philippines
  • Party and bul**** in Boracay
  • Climb Jebel Hafeet in Dubai
  • Be a kid and enjoy the Water Park at Atlantis
  • Try one of the Michellin star restaurant
  • Participate in a run for a cause
  • Experience a proper winter with snow
  • Dinner at Napoli served with pizza Margherita, arrabiatta cremosa and a bottle of red wine
  • Sing in front of a crowd
  • Eat hash brownies in Amsterdam
  • Raise so many kids (two is the maximum)
  • Visit the land of Tulips – Netherlands
  • Marry the man I am destined to fall in love with everyday
  • See some elephants in Thailand
  • learn the cultures of all the places I travel
  • Work in a different country 
  • Drink Hoegaarden
  • Travel to Nepal
  • Watch music festivals in the UK
  • Obtain a drivers license
  • Learn a new language
  • Shave my head on the side
  • Meet Adam Sandler

and more to come.. sky’s the limit! xoxo

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