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A Passion for Photography in Dubai

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Taking photos in everyday life is one of my biggest creative passions. My interest in pictures began ever since my memory can recall. Even before popular modern image techniques such as Instagram were invented I have been a photo lover.

I am fascinated with the vintage style and the grainy effect from photos that are processed using a film. I enjoy the nostalgia of looking at old pictures of my family back home, which we store in an ancient black suitcase which brings back so many memories.
Living in today’s world gives us real convenience in capturing the most memorable moments of our lives, that’s what make us so lucky compared to those before. I am thankful that modern technology allows us to take and upload a beautiful picture, edit it in Instagram and upload it to the internet using just a mobile phone. Before I use my computer in uploading photos for my friends in the Philippines to see. Whether they agree if it is beautiful or not it doesn’t matter as long as I have shared my small creative piece.

It is truly incredible having a small device at our fingertips that allows us to capture moments instantly with a simple reach into our pockets, just an aim and a click. It’s a great way to capture everyday life because it’s always with you.

I am also inspired by the ideas and examples we can find of other people online. Example, there is one man who took a picture of his face every day for a year and posted a video showing all the shots together. Many people have started doing this also and it is a different way to look at life. However, there are also pitfalls – people rarely print out their photos now, instead they chose to store their photos on Social Networking websites and blogs.

Before I came to Dubai I spent most of the time working on my blog showcasing different attractions and tours around my hometown, Cebu. I considered it a passion and it really felt good knowing that you are helping out tourists discovering the place I grew up in. Unfortunately, a friend who I was paying to run my website failed to pay the hosting fees and my site was blocked. Too bad!

Moving to Dubai has given me so many opportunities to take great photos – from food, to skyscrapers and so much more. When I am not working, I like to treat my spare time as a vacation – making the most of my time here so when I return home I will have plenty to look back on. Whether it’s a scrumptious meal in an Italian restaurant, having my favourite Indian food which is Dosa, dipping in all the beautiful beaches around the country, a trip to the tallest towers or a visit to ancient places found in UAE. Maybe in 20 years time I can use a beautiful shot of Dubai Creek to teach my grandchildren the value of framing a beautiful picture and making it as a collection.

Mostly I will take photos using my mobile phone and the Instagram app because it’s fun and I am very thankful for its convenience. My trusty old Canon D1000 is the choice for long rides and get-aways.

There are countless expressions and moments each day in your life that you might not remember if you don’t capture them. Who knows, just a random snapshot will turn out to be one of your most cherished memories and sometimes the smallest things can mean so much more later on. Life is too short to miss the perfect moments in your life and technology has gone too far so there are no excuses, so grab your camera phone and start capturing some of the unique things around you!

“A Picture of many colors proclaims images of many thoughts” – Donna A Favors

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Dobbie – Living The Pug Life in Dubai

Dobbie Pug Scotland Team

I would like to introduce our latest member of the family. His name is Dobbie. He is six years old and is a rescue pug. We adopted him from K9 Friends last September 2012, it is a non-profit making, voluntary run organisation located in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

We were told by the shelter staff that he has been abandoned by his previous owners and found by the Municipality wandering around the street.

He looked very excited and overwhelmed as we met him for the first time. He was jumping at us,  panting with his cute muzzled wrinkly face. We fell in love with him instantly and thought that this pug deserves a home to live.

He was quite thin for a pug and his skin have spots and weathered. He is under treatment and the vets provided us his tablets. After a couple of minutes signing some documents we took him home.

It didn’t take long for us to adjust as we brought him. At first he was anxious that he frequently pee on the house and wreck our bin, we are aware that it’s normal since dogs are territorial. Until then, we managed to do his toilet routine walking him twice a day or more during weekends.

We just love his happy-go-lucky attitude – simply giving us priceless joy. I find it so amusing whenever he rub his flat face on my side. Just seeing him very happy and excited as I enter the door from work is such a heart melting experience. We are so blessed to find him and for sure we know that he is just as happy as we are now knowing he have a place he can call home.

Dobbie pug in dubai

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is the term refer to photography that emphasizes casual snapshots, sponteneity, ubiquity, randomness, and close-ups, rather than being concerned with the technicalities, aesthetics, and the conventional world of photography.

I am so fascinated with how a toy-camera-look-a-like would create much artistry rather than using the ever famous photoshop for creating vivid and vibrant vignette look. Been browsing for lots of different photos with unique colors and found out that some of it are just a product of  – lets say a plastic camera, its actually a LOMO camera. Its just so amazing how you can express your artistry by doing manual shots using films. Heres some photo shot taken from a lomo camera.