Places To See In Dubai

Let’s put it this way, it’ll be my first time to visit Dubai and I am very eager to explore all the must-see places however in a limited period of time.

I only have one week to spend my holiday in the desert and upon researching I find most of the reviews of the places too overrated/touristy. I wanted to make my own disovery but how can I do it when I don’t have any clue at all.

So here’s what I have come up to share to you my personal list of things to do as a first time visitor of Dubai:

Firstly, I will spend one whole day at Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall. I will make sure to have enough rest prior to the day of visit because this mall is insanely massive that it will drain much of my energy.

Largest mall of the world #dubaimall #dubai view from #kinokuniya

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Burj Khalifa is tucked on the right side of Dubai Mall. The huge mall offers so many varieties of restaurants that will surely make me gorge with Italian cooked wood fired oven pizzas, American steaks, Lebanese grilled chicken, Indian curry and roti, Chinese P.F Changs ultimate food choices and so much more.

Dubai mall

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I haven’t been to the top of Burj Khalifa but I prefer to sit drinking coffee at Kino’s Cafes’ balcony. This is supposed to be our secret place because very little know about it or so but I am genuinely generous enough to share this with you.

In that cafe I will have my own little space while feasting my eyes with the spectacular dancing fountain and scenic view of the Burj Khalifa. Also avoiding those long queue of tourists going at the top.


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Dancing fountain

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I will myself with those fancy restaurants and coffee shop in between shopping.

UK shop in Dubai Shopping in Dubai
H&M Dubai Forever 21 Dubai

    • You can make a reservation for one of the best water parks in Dubai. I’ve been to Atlantis and boy it was so much fun.
    • Your trip to Dubai will not be complete without experiencing Desert Safari. Preferably nice to try during colder months.
    • Madinat Jumeirah is one of the best places I’ve been.


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amazing hotel in dubai - mina salam


5 thoughts on “Places To See In Dubai”

  1. ive been here forever and even I havent been to the top of the Burj Khalifa… my husband promised he’d take me there the day we got married and now its almost four years and he still has to take me… lol
    enjoying your blog! first time to comment!

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