Dubai’s Organic Gourmet Cafe – The Lime Tree Cafe and Kitchen

the lime tree kitchen in dubai

Hopping for coffee shop is our main purpose for travelling from Karama to the secluded area of Al Quoz. We’ve been looking forward for this exploration months ago until we finally hit it. Indeed, we’ve been very eager to try this famous environmentally conscious café  just very close from the Art galleries – exactly next to the Courtyard Gallery.

The place is called The Lime Tree Cafe. It is a Kiwi-owned cafe serving healthy fresh food and homemade cakes.

The location is quite interior so I advise to either drive a car or take a taxi since it would take you approximately 30 minutes or more to get to the nearest metro just by walking.

The shop is pretty big and so inviting. It has industrial concept combined with homely accent. You can instantly tell that it is an organic shop just by looking at the interiors and design.

I just love the charming atmosphere. It is like a haven for people who are looking for a relaxing quiet time to chill out while reading their complimentary magazines and newspapers.

They have an array display of their retail products such as homemade delicacies: relishes & chutneys, various crackers, biscotti,  dipping sticks and muesli which are adorably packed.

The food are displayed in a refrigerator and the order is paid by the counter. They offer breakfast and serves fresh daily menu.

Here’s what we order:

  • Key Lime Cake

A double layered lime cake filled & iced with a lime zested cream cheese frosting & coated with shards of coconut

  • Mushroom, Beef Bacon & Cream Cheese Club Sandwich


  • Blended Mocha Coffee
  • Americano

Such a welcoming environment and I consider it as one of my favourite cafe in Dubai! Even though Pinay Flying High doesn’t seem to fancy it. Haha  Looking forward on visiting the rest of their branches.

Lime Tree Cafe & Kitchen in Al Quoz
Al Quoz 1 – 4B Street, next to the Courtyard Gallery
Open daily from 8am to 6pm

organic cafe dubai

the lime tree kitchen

al quoz branch lime tree cafe

mushroom Club Sandwich - The lime tree

Key Lime Cake - The Lime Tree cafe

complimentary magazine - The lime tree

outside dining area - The lime tree

24 thoughts on “Dubai’s Organic Gourmet Cafe – The Lime Tree Cafe and Kitchen”

  1. Lol. Thanks for the shout out. I haven’t tried the one in Al Quoz though but I really didn’t like the one in Jumeira Beach Road. I like sitting outside and the busy view of a street is not very appealing to me. Will wait for more of your adventures. 🙂

  2. I love this place and the way you’re captured it! It looks like a great place to hang out and write in a journal! (Maybe I’m the only one who does that. Never mind.)

  3. I love this cafe! I like the lime iced tea drink, I forgot the exact name. Haha! Awww, I really miss Dubai! Thanks for visiting my blog Laurel! 🙂

      1. That’s true. There has been A LOT of progress and big changes since we moved there 5 years ago. Dubai just gets better and better! ❤

  4. The cafe seems really cool and tempting.. and yeh wat Naz said ..”indeed inviting”!
    It’s been noted.. I’ll find out if ever got an opportunity to visit Dubai.

  5. The best TLC outlet is the one on Jumeirah Beach Road. Because it has an upper level and a balcony where you can sit and enjoy your meal esp during the cooler months. The one in Media City is not ideal during summer due to the all-around glass windows. The one in Ibn Battuta tends to get really busy and crowded and noisy. We haven’t tried the one in Al Quoz yet but my local knitting group is meeting there next weekend so we’ll see. The food is the same great quality everywhere you go, and the coffee is the best. It’s from RAW Coffee after all, another awesome Kiwi establishment in Dubai.

    1. Thanks for sharing more info. Hope to get to try the Jumeirah Beach one and the rest of it’s outlet. I agree, they have this very unique pleasant taste that I’m craving for. I really can’t fault it.

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