A taste of IHOP pancakes in Mall of the Emirates

Breakfast Sampler IHOP

ihop unlimited coffee

orginal french toast

Pancakes and an unlimited coffee for breakfast- sounds lovely is’nt it? so to Mall of the Emirates we go. We agreed on spending our lazy Saturday morning breakfast at the restaurant.

IHOP, known as The International House of Pancakes, is an American based restaurant chain that specialises in breakfast foods. It’s best known for its signature pancakes, omelettes and other breakfast specialties and are also offering a menu of lunch and dinner items.

IHOP restaurant looks like the typical american diner. The staff are nice and accommodating. We arrive early noon but the place was already full packed. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for our order to arrive which is a good start.

Here’s what we order:

  • Breakfast Sampler

two eggs, bacon strips, beef ham, veal sausage links, and golden hash browns and buttermilk pancakes

  • Original french toast

six fluffy triangle-shaped slices topped with whipped butter and powdered sugar

  • and an unlimited coffee pot

I can say it really is an American chain knowing their common trademark of having food mixed with sweet and savoury taste.

The buttermilk pancakes were soft and fluffy just like their french toast. I like the french toast more. They have varieties of fruit-flavoured syrup but I seemed to like none of them. It has a weird taste which I find it not a good combination for the pancakes. I’d rather stick to the original one. It’s a good way that they are serving unlimited coffee as it is not common in Dubai – we really enjoyed it. We suddenly thought that it’s a very good idea that cafe’s in Dubai should start serving unlimited coffee. That’ll be awesome.

For the feedback, we find it quite a bit pricey for the portion. The sausages were too tiny while hash brown is dominating the whole meal.

It’s not a good impression for a first comer like us but we are still considering on going back in the future or maybe try the rest of their menu. Well, to sum it all, it was fun and a good try out.

Location: Mall of the Emirates, Barsha, Dubai
Tel: 04 385 0891
Travel: Sheikh Zayed Road
Times: Open daily 8am-midnight

10 thoughts on “A taste of IHOP pancakes in Mall of the Emirates”

  1. I have never heard of IHOP until it became very famous here in Manila when it opened at The Fort recently. And because everyone is crazy to try it, some friends had to wait for more than 4 hours just to get a seat!

  2. I tried the one in Jumeirah Beach Residence. The ambiance was great but the food wasn’t. I don’t get the reason of the big craze. My heart still belongs to Shakespeare & co. :-p do u have a favorite breakfast nook in Dubai? Do share!

    1. yeah what’s up with the craze? it’s not even healthy. My fave breakfast nook is at Paul’s in Burjuman. 🙂 I’ve seen Shakespeare & Co once. The shop is so cute. Which branch do you usually go?

      1. Oh my! I hate Paul! It’s too light, the breakfast that is. I want something heavy, kung may tapsilugan lang dito eh di dun na ako. Hahahaha. I like shakespeare in souk al bahar or marina mall. The one in jumeira road is good too during summer, they allow smokers in a separate indoor area. I’m getting tired of it though, let me know if u discover something new. I love breakfasts! 🙂

      2. Haha the portion is just perfect for me. Sometimes I even spare some left overs 🙂 I will have a try out soon for Shakespeare in love haha need to grab “the boyfriend” too. I love it when you use that term lol also there are so many Filipino rest serving Tapsilog. Sure! You’ll be the first one to know if I discover something new (heavy breakfast)

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